THE #1 Real hair fiber brand trusted by barbers and featured in the wall street journal
THE #1 Real hair fiber brand trusted by barbers and featured in the wall street journal

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Tips To Grow Longer Hair Fast

Tips To Grow Longer Hair Fast

Do you want your hair to grow faster, but it seems to be stuck at a certain length? If that is the case, I am sure you might be looking for some tips that can help you grow longer hair fast.

So, here are the Expert Tips that can help you Grow Longer Hair Fast

Practice Patience

You need to accept the fact that hair can't grow overnight. Healthy hair normally grows about a quarter of an inch a month. If your hair is not healthy or you have split ends, then the growth can be even slower.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming the split ends won’t make your hair grow fast, but it will prevent splint ends from working their way up to the strand, which would have otherwise required trimming your hair more often.

Don’t Forget To Use Conditioner Every Time After You Shampoo

Over time, the hair strands start getting thinner at the bottom and thus, using the conditioner is necessary. Conditioner helps in replacing the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and prevents your hair from further damage.

Don’t Shampoo Every Time You Shower

Shampoo helps wash away dirt and dust from the hair, but it should also be noted that it takes away the essential natural oils required for healthy and soft hair. If you do shampoo, then apply it softly on the scalp and wash the rest of the hair with water.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oil your hair regularly. Oils help fill the strands with required fatty acids and when you shampoo, it locks those acids inside the hair and makes them healthy.

Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Often

Constant brushing causes harm to the hair. If you are detangling wet hair, then start from the bottom and then move to the upper part. Detangling your hair from the top to the bottom may turn small tangles into big knots and will cause a lot of your hair to fall out.

Do A Cold-Water Rinse At The End Of Each Shower

Washing your hair with cold water helps lay down the outer layer of hair, prevents moisture loss, and damage. You can do this for a short amount of time. This step can really help you grow your hair longer and faster.