THE #1 Real hair fiber brand trusted by barbers and featured in the wall street journal
THE #1 Real hair fiber brand trusted by barbers and featured in the wall street journal

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Top 6 Hair Growth Myths You Should Stop Believing

Top 6 Hair Growth Myths You Should Stop Believing

Whether you've got long strands or a trendy short hair-cut, you might be experiencing your own unique hair issues. Whatever your case may be, here are the Top 6 Hair Myths that make the problems worse. You should stop believing these myths about hair growth. On the other hand, you should concentrate on things that will help the hair grow healthier and look better.

So, here are the Top 6 Hair Growth Myths:

Myth #1: Your hair growth multiplies with frequent trimming

This is one of the most common myths that people believe. The fact is that trimming your hair does not affect hair growth because it is not the ends of the hair rather the follicles in your scalp that determine the growth of your hair. The typical average hair growth is a quarter of an inch a month. Regular trims, however, make your hair look thicker and healthier.

Myth #2: All types of color-treatments makes the hair unhealthy

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is bleaching it, but that doesn’t imply every color treatment is bad. In some cases, adding color plumps up your hair, as long as, the follicles are turning darker.

Myth #3: Switching shampoos is good for the hair health

It is a commonly believed myth that using the same shampoo will eventually stop working. Well, this is nothing more than a myth. Using different shampoos does not help your hair, but if you have recently gone through any hair treatment or hair coloring, you should switch to a more moisturizing shampoo, otherwise you can use the same shampoo that you have been using for years.

Myth #4: The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be

You must have heard people saying that brushing improves the health of your hair by distributing natural oils from your scalp to your hair.The reality is completely the opposite. Brushing leads to hair friction, which leads to damage and breakage. Ideally you should do minimal hair brushing and use the right comb.

Myth #5: You should always wash your hair with cold water to make it shine

Well, this is a myth that has come directly from some hair specialists.The specialists love sharing the rationale that cold water makes the cuticles of the hair light and reflective. To clarify this myth, there is a simple fact that our hair contains no living cells and thus, they show no reaction to hot or cold water. To make your hair shine, use conditioners and styling products that contain silicones and oils to smooth the cuticles.

Myth #6: If you shampoo less often, your scalp will start producing less oil

This is a myth that shampooing less often will make the scalp produce less oil. The reality is no matter how much you shampoo, your scalp will reduce the same amount of oil. However, shampooing less often will cause dirt and oil to accumulate on your scalp and hair follicles. Thus, the frequency of washing your hair should be entirely up to you based on your personal choice and need, whether on a daily or a weekly basis.